Principles of Agile Marketing from Agile Marketing Manifesto.Org

Yes, yes, yes! I will have what they are having…

Great diagram on Purchase Funnel from Socially Yours

Traditional purchase funnel plus the impact of social and Influencers.

Brain Science and Employee Engagement

The 10 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012

Great visuals for inbound marketing.

Content Marketing via Slide Share

The Pay Off for Brand Advocates via @BizReport

My Fave stats

  • "The average click through rate for Advocate-shared content such as the reviews and testimonials they create plus branded content and offers is about 50%. This is about 10X higher than click through rates for traditional online marketing."
  • Fourth, advocates spread branded messages for free - that is marketing brands don’t have to pay for which lowers the overall ROI of a campaign or sales push.”

Eric Stromberg: How to get a job at a startup if you aren't a developer


Recently, I’ve received an increasing number of emails from “business people” looking for advice on how to get a job at a startup. Most have the same story, “I could go work at a big company, but want to join a startup. One problem: I don’t know where to start the process.” Everyone knows how to…

Crowd Sourced Biz Models via @cindygallop @fredwilson

Real time creation

Soundboy: A co-founder's guide to Biz Dev


I wrote a post a few weeks back about the concept of a 10X Hustler which unexpectedly got over 10k page views. Since then I’ve seen a few other pieces about the nature of BD - I loved this one in particular by another YC alum, Chris Steiner about how Biz Dev is a clever name for dirty work….

Study: SMBs ramp up digital marketing spending via @b2bmagazine

#SmallBiz embracing mobile.